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A breathtaking new visual novel about love and loss.

When his mother dies, Henry is heartbroken. Only his childhood friend, Riley, can offer him any kind of comfort. Her humor and liveliness enchant him, but he worries that she won’t reciprocate his feelings. And besides, neither of them is ready for the dangers of the Alaskan Winter…

-Made for Winter Visual Novel Jam 2022-

-Fully Voiced
-Original Art and Music
-about 10.000 words
-Two different endings
-Available for Windows, Mac and Linux


Made by: Yume Creations
Writing: Mats Elliott
Character Art: Xielarte
Backgrounds: Waikikired
Henry Evans VA: Thomas Prater
Riley Sullivan VA: Vera Tan
Donnie Sullivan VA: Dagon Grey
Composer: Bennett Garfield
UI: Roman

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorYume Creations
GenreVisual Novel
Tags2D, drama, jam, nvl, Ren'Py, Romance, Short, Singleplayer, winter


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This was a sweet game! Amazed that you guys put together such a high quality game in the short time that the jam gives! I could definitely see this being a longer, slow burn romance, you guys managed to pace it well considering the length of the game and made such an emotional piece. I've never gone through such a tragedy but I felt I could resonate with the main character's pain. Loved the banter and dialogue between the two characters as well, it felt so natural and the extremely talented voice acting really complemented the dialogue. Honestly I want more from you guys >.< I hope you plan on making more works in the future!

Thank you for putting together this nice game!

Leaving comments per your Twitter post from a few days ago (half feedback, half bug reports):


  • The art looks fantastic. Characters, BGs and the CG.
  • I'm all over Riley. Her character and VO are great. Henry, less so. He's just so "blah". Riley's volume is fine, but Henry is too quiet, requiring me to lower the music to hear him better.
  • Definitely not a fan of NVL instead of ADV (probably the only real thing I can think of warding people off for views vs. downloads). NVL just makes me think of old VNs and they greatly block the Visual part of VN.
  • Far as the story goes... eh. Unfortunately, can't really explain much more besides my opinions on the characters and that outside of Riley's accident, nothing really got me hooked.
  • My enjoyment was a bit hampered by the number of text bugs I encountered.


  • Several lines are partially cut off until you see the next lines of text (any time 4+ lines are shown at once)
  • "Damm, it's blocked." -> "Damn"
    "Hey! Though you said..." -> "Hey! Thought you said..."
  • Inheritance lawyer - Short text response - overlapping text that goes off screen
    Henry chops the wood himself - overlapping text that goes off screen
    She never screams, not loudly - overlapping text
    Henry looks towards his hatchet choice -> overlapping text
  • "The doctor said bed-rest. Best listen to her." - Not voiced (in the bad ending)

Thanks for the feedback.

I've uploaded a new build. Bugs should be fixed.

(1 edit)

The art looks gorgeous and the story sounds interesting. I want to read it but to be honest from the screenshots it looks hard to read with the coloured fonts you have chosen. I also think the nvl screen is a bit too dark so we can't see the pretty art behind it very well. 

Also some of the text looks off centre like in the second last screenshot. The two sentences at the end. I realise it has a voice acting but I still think the presentation of the writing is important especially if it's going to take up most of the screen with nvl mode. 

I thought I'd leave a comment to let you know so you can maybe have a chance to fix it and make it easier on the eyes to read. It looks like a lot of people put a lot of work into it so it would be sad to see it go unnoticed. Sorry if this comes across as rude. I'm not trying to be. 


Thank you for the feedback!

I made the background brighter and removed the colored text